HM Revenue & Customs

hm revenue & customs investigations

HM Revenue & Customs check a large number of tax returns each year to make sure the information shown is both complete and correct. We understand it can be very worrying to have an investigation into your tax affairs but we can support you through the process and help to make it as painless as possible.

HM Revenue & Customs is able to open an investigation into your tax return to check you are paying the right amount of tax regardless of your size or status.  We understand that a tax investigation can be traumatic and disruptive to you and your business and for the unprepared or ill-advised, it can be a minefield.

HM Revenue & Customs are able to obtain a huge amount of data from their internal systems and outside sources to cross check this information against your return and pick up where errors or variances lie.  They also have a wide range of powers to enable them to obtain information in helping them check your tax return.

Expert advice can be essential to help protect your personal and business position during an investigation.  This is an area that we have experience in and are happy to talk to you regarding the concerns you may have and how we can help.

If your tax affairs are not fully up to date then don’t wait for HM Revenue & Customs to come to you.  We can help you make a voluntary disclosure and you may benefit from reduced penalties in respect of any previously undeclared income.  It is better to take the initiative in these circumstances rather than burying your head in the sand and we can ensure the overall cost of bringing your affairs up to date is minimised.

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