If you are appointed as an Executor within a loved one’s Will you are legally responsible for administering their estate via the Probate process. This involves collecting all of the deceased’s assets, paying the debts including any inheritance tax liability and distributing the remaining assets in accordance with the Will.
The Executors must apply for a Grant of Probate to enable them to deal with the collection of assets and distribution of the estate.

We can help you with the Probate and estate administration process and give as much advice and assistance as you need with a service tailored exactly to your requirements.

This can include assisting with the following:

  • Identifying the estate assets and arranging valuations;
  • Reviewing the inheritance tax position and completing the relevant forms;
  • Applying for probate and obtaining the grant;
  • Collecting the estate funds/assets and paying any debts;
  • Distributing the assets in accordance with the Will;
  • Dealing with the tax affairs of the deceased and the estate during administration;
  • Finalising the estate and preparing estate accounts for approval.

We can also act as professional executors and trustees to provide additional support and assistance.

No two estates are the same and the amount of time it can take to administer an estate varies depending upon the size and complexity. For most estates the probate process will take around 12 months. During this period the beneficiaries of the Will have a right to receive information on the progress of the estate so the executors should ensure they are kept up to date.

If there is no valid Will, the estate will be distributed in accordance with the Intestacy rules. These set out who can administer the estate and how the estate will be distributed.

Our probate service is headed up by our tax partner Jackie Barker. Jackie became authorised to carry out Probate in 2015 and with her extensive tax knowledge in inheritance tax, trust and estates she is ideally placed to carry this service out, ensuring that the process is as quick and easy as possible throughout this difficult time. This is especially relevant for our existing clients where we often already have a detailed understanding of their financial position and have built up trusted relationships.

For more information about our Probate service and how we can help please contact us.

Probate Fees

We will always discuss and agree fees with you before any work is carried out based on the specific services required.