Trusts can play an important part if you are looking to pass on wealth or want to ensure assets are protected for your children and grandchildren.  We can advise you whether a trust is suitable to meet your objectives and help you to deal with the tax and administrative issues.

Trusts may be used for many different reasons but their ability to provide protection over assets and enable key individuals to have control and flexibility over their management means that they are of particular relevance for IHT and Estate planning.

The taxation of trusts has changed considerably over the years and there may be significant tax implications not only on setting up a trust but during and at the end of its lifetime.  We can help you to consider whether a trust would be of benefit to you based on your specific circumstances and ensure you understand the tax and commercial implications.

If you have an existing trust and want to ensure that it is still providing you with benefits and meeting the objectives we can review this for you and help to ensure you are dealing with all the relevant tax obligations.

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