Expatriates and Residency Planning

professional support

If you have already left the UK, are currently planning to do so or you have arrived in the UK from overseas, your UK tax residency position will determine how much tax you pay in the UK. We can advise on all matters in respect of your UK tax position and help you plan your affairs in a tax efficient manner.

Your UK residency position determines what income will be subject to UK tax so the difference between being resident in the UK or not can have a large effect on your UK tax bill. If you are UK resident and UK domiciled you will pay UK tax on your worldwide income and gains so what are the potential tax benefits of becoming/remaining non UK resident?

Subject to certain conditions non UK residents will not pay UK tax on the following sources of income:

  • Non UK employment income
  • Non UK investment income
  • Capital Gains (subject to additional rules for UK residential property gains)

Non UK residents are only taxable in the UK on their income arising in the UK e.g. rental income from a UK property. You may be entitled to your tax-free personal allowance to set against your UK income whilst non resident thus reducing the tax payable.

If you are considering leaving the UK, returning after a period overseas or moving to the UK for the first time please contact us to discuss your UK tax position and find out how we can help you.