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Business Consultancy Case Study

Our Sussex based client was introduced to us by a local firm of solicitors. He had already opened discussions with a quoted company interested in acquiring his specialist consultancy services business. An attraction of this particular buyer was that our client knew them well and one of his objectives was to ensure that the business and in particular the people he had worked with over a number of years were well looked after.

Firstly, we prepared a business valuation report to establish what we considered was a fair value for the business. This process helped us to really understand the specifics of the client’s business and how it fitted into the buyer’s business and strategy. We also advised our client regarding alternative routes to sale based on the objectives he outlined to us.

This report coupled with our experience enabled our client to almost double the value obtained from the sale of his business compared to the initial outline figures discussed. His business and his team of people have been and are still very well looked after by the buyer. We were involved throughout the sale process including attending meetings and negotiating with the buyer, helping to formulate heads of agreement and then liaising with the solicitors to finalise the sale contact.